Muladhara – the Base Chakra. Groundedness, trust & Support

The Muladhara, or base chakra, is our connection with the physical realm.

It is the first to develop and is concerned with survival themes: connection to the universe, shelter, abundance, belonging, employment, protection, physicality, safety, energy and sex. And the right to exist – without having to prove ourselves (a mask for unworthiness). It is associated with prebirth, infancy and early childhood, when we are completely dependent upon others.

To be grounded and in the body is to be in touch with the base chakra. Once societies start seeing themselves as superior to nature, rather than as part of it, problems begin. It is especially challenging in modern western lifestyles – we are increasingly caught up in our heads, and in our fears. Marketing is aimed to keep us in our heads and looking for external validations or distractions. People with depression and/ or anxiety tend to be caught in old base chakra fears and are disconnected with this energy.

I recently have been going through some intensely challenging muladhara themed experiences: a sudden onset of severe health problems that defied diagnosis, and required me to take a few weeks off work. Medical expenses were high and there was no money coming in. Concurrently to this I was being cyberstalked and talked about by someone with an unhealthy fixation with my personal and professional life.

Knowing about this stuff doesn’t mean it’s easy to practise! It has been a stressful time, despite the immense support of many people. It was hard not be sucked into worrying. My saviour has been my dance, yoga and meditation practice, although there was some serious monkey mind going on.

Chrissy Hammond PhotographyBut I needed to get out of my head, back into my body and back into nature. My base chakra needed to reconnect, shake it all off and recharge. The opportunity came this Easter weekend. Nature, oblivious to petty human concerns, dictated our activities as we scuttled about and rearranged plans amidst extravagant downpours. Clouds masked the full lunar eclipse but opened in time for a stunning moonset in the western sky as dawn was colouring the east. We spent a lot of time enjoying being alive, with no particular goal. Being barefoot, outside in nature, just absorbing the sunlight and the breeze. Dancing freely, with no self consciousness, caught up in the joy of the music and moving. Just hanging around with friends, absorbing each other’s company.

And here I am back in the work week, grounded, energised, refreshed, connected. My current challenges are ongoing, but it has been easier to let go and just be. The sense of trust, that i will be fine whatever happens, is back.

Have a great week all

Photo ©2015 Chrissy Hammond Photography

©2015 The Body Sacred: Embracing the Divine Sensual. Feel to share this article in its entirety including credit and links



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